Review | Entertainment Weekly

"An intelligently written Da Vinci Code....A taut suspense thriller about a gifted girl and the ancient cult that wants to use her mental abilities for its own sketchy ends."

Review | Michiko Kakutani, New York Times

"Itís hard to imagine that a novelist could lift such elements from several of the best-known best sellers of recent years and turn them into something original and gripping, but thatís exactly what Mr. Guilfoile has done in The Thousand....(T)he book is jet-fueled by its authorís unerring sense of character and his nimble, fleet-footed prose. Just as he remade the Frankenstein myth in his first novel, Cast of Shadows, so he manages to take a handful of well-trodden concepts here and refashion them into a suspenseful summer read thatís all his own....(T)he real pleasures of reading The Thousand have less to do with the storyís portentously withheld secrets than with Mr. Guilfoileís keenly observed characters, his gritty feel for the city of Chicago and his ability to weave artfully all sorts of philosophical questions ó like the relationship of music and math, and the morality of using scientific knowledge ó into his hectic, bloodstained plot."

Review | Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune

"The Thousand is thrilling, intellectually stimulating, and has some of the most vivid characters in contemporary literature."

Review | Carole E. Barrowman, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"I believe math is hard. I'm confessing this so you'll appreciate how good Kevin Guilfoile's The Thousand must be for me to write that I thoroughly enjoyed this inventive thriller about mathematics and the theories of Pythagoras...The Thousand adds up to a first-rate read."

Review | John Sullivan, Winnipeg Free Press

"The Thousand is a deftly original conspiracy thriller...with roller-coaster pacing and cracking good characters. Canada Gold gives Lisbeth Salander a run for haute female warrior of the year."

Review | Elizabeth A. White, Savannah Morning News

"Guilfoile has created something truly special in The Thousand, as thrilling as any Hollywood blockbuster, but much more intelligent....The Thousand is amazing. Itís what The Da Vinci Code wants to be when it grows up."

Review | Nancy Pearl, bestselling author of Book Lust

"Anyone who enjoyed (Katherine) Neville's The Eight should most definitely not miss Kevin Guilfoile's The Thousand. It's perfect to lose yourself in."

Interview | Tom Morris, Huffington Post

"Murder, intrigue, conspiracy, sex, music, art, and deep philosophical ideas fill Kevin Guilfoile's exciting new book, The Thousand. It's the first novel that, as soon as I read the last page, I wanted to start on page one all over again."

Review | Joe Hartlaub, Book Reporter

"Even when I was otherwise occupied, I could not get The Thousand or its characters out of my mind. All I wanted to do was find a well-lit corner and read this riveting work, which is equal parts courtroom thriller, police procedural and antiquity hunt, with a dose of conspiracy and paranoia thrown in for good measure. And when I did, all else ceased to exist."

Review | Jeff Johnson, Chicago Sun-Times

Set in Chicago and Las Vegas, (The Thousand) has every vivid detail down pat when it comes to the sights, smells and particularly the attitudes of the two cities."

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